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Rivaldo not right for FC Tokyo...if the rumours are true

4 Dec 2003(Thu)

The December edition of the London-based World Soccer monthly magazine has a picture of Rivaldo on the front cover.

"Barcelona, Milan...Spurs? Where next for Brazil's wandering star?" says the headline.

As you can see, there is no mention of FC Tokyo.

I first heard rumours linking FC Tokyo with Rivaldo at the end of last week, but forgot about it very quickly.

Then I heard it again on Monday, and that got me thinking.

First, could it be true?

Second, how could they afford to pay him?

Third, do they need him?

As a journalist, of course I should have called the club and checked out the story. I didn't, because if they said it was completely untrue it would ruin this very interesting talking point.

First, I hope it is not true, and I am sure this is so.

FC Tokyo is one of the best-run clubs in the league. They rarely make a bad signing, and, from what I can gather, they have a very sensible pay structure.

My admiration for Jean Witte in defense and Kelly in the attacking midfield role is well documented, as I think they are two of the best and most consistent overseas players in Japan. I don't know the figures, but I assume they are excellent value for money.

The signing of Rivaldo might be a good publicity stunt, but the club would have to pay him a fortune. Would this unsettle the harmony of the squad?

Would the cost put too much pressure on the club's finances?

More to the point, would he get in the team?

FC Tokyo is built for speed, with Ishikawa on the right and Toda on the left.

Kelly brings everything together perfectly on the attacking front.

While FC Tokyo need a new center forward to replace Amaral, this is not the role for Rivaldo.

As a point of discussion, not fact, I could see only one place for Rivaldo in the FC Tokyo team, and that's replacing Miyazawa at left "volante."

Let's face it, Rivaldo hasn't played much recently, and would his fitness and stamina be high enough to keep up with Hiromi Hara's flying, aggressive young team.

I am sure the reports are just speculation.

In fact I hope so, as I think it would be a bad move for FC Tokyo to get involved in deals like this.

It is not the path J.League clubs should be going down. It only leads to ruin.


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